Residential Eviction Attorney

E. Clayton Yates, P.A.  can assist you with cost effective flat rate fees for all uncontested residential evictions.  The fee is $495.00 plus costs per eviction.  We serve St. Lucie, Indian River, Martin and Okeechobee counties.  It is not necessary for you to travel to our office to retain our services.

Residential evictions - Indian River County, St.Lucie County, Martin County, Okeechobee Countyunty, St.Lucie County,E. Clayton Yates, P.A. will prepare an Eviction Notice for you at no additional charge when you open an eviction case with us.  If you are unable to serve the Notice yourself, there will be a $25 service of process fee per tenant.  In order to file your eviction, E. Clayton Yates, P.A. will require a copy of a served and legally valid three-day notice and a copy of your lease.  Evictions typically take two to five weeks when the eviction is uncontested.

The related costs per eviction are:

  • Court filing fee of $185.00.
  • $10.00 summons court filing fee per tenant.
  • $25.00 per tenant service of process fee for serving the Complaint.
  • $90.00 Sheriff Writ of Possession fee if applicable.

Contested evictions will be charged on a time and expense basis with a rate of $90.00 per hour for paralegal time and $240.00 per hour for attorney time.

Call E. Clayton Yates, P.A. for assistance with residential evictions.

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